Conventional breakdown and unemployment insurance

The conventional break was provided by the law n ° 2008-596 of 25 June 2008 on the modernization of the labor market, supplemented by an implementing decree n ° 2008-715 of 18 July 2008. The law expressly provided that this rupture would open entitlement to unemployment benefits. The conventional system of unemployment insurance had to be adapted.

Warning. Take a deep breath …

It is done by the decree of October 9, 2008 approving the amendment n ° 1 of June 27, 2008 to the general regulation annexed to the convention of January 18, 2006 relating to the assistance to the return to the employment and to unemployment compensation is available here .

Translation: this is the long – awaited order, which makes the stipulations of amendment no. 1 of 27 July 2008 mandatory for all employers and employees .

Remember that this endorsement, signed by all the French unions on June 27, 2008, determined a "new" case of termination of the employment contract likely to be entitled to the unemployment insurance benefit: the contractual breach of contract work of indefinite duration, referred to in Articles L. 1237-11 et seq. of the Labor Code.

To supplement (unnecessarily) the explanation, this addendum was annexed to the agreement of January 18, 2006 relating to the custom reclassification agreement, which was itself the subject of an order of approval of February 23, 2006 .

Clearly in the text, the conventional break is now listed, among the breaks in the employment contract giving entitlement to unemployment benefits, by the regulation annexed to the unemployment insurance agreement.

If you are in this case (unfortunate!), You no longer have to worry about your care. It will always be that at least.