Future reform of unemployment insurance concerning dismissal for abandonment of post

An article as a warning.

A preliminary draft that can be consulted here is currently being discussed at the UNEDIC level concerning in particular the beneficiaries of unemployment insurance and the duration of compensation.

With the creation of the conventional break , would no longer considered involuntarily unemployed to receive a replacement income served by the unemployment insurance scheme, employees whose termination of the employment contract result of a dismissal occurred in case of non-resumption of work after a formal notice from the employer.

In other words, an employee who voluntarily commits an abandonment of post in order to be dismissed to benefit from unemployment insurance would no longer be covered by ASSEDIC if the employer has put him in default to resume his postthis is to avoid the widespread practice of "abandonment post-resignations".

We bet that a great difficulty will arise to the staff of ASSEDICS to assess the existence and reality of the notice of the employer to the employee. Will he now have to provide such a document in addition to his letter of termination when filing his claim? What will happen when this is not the case? Will the ASSEDICS order the employer to provide this document?

This provision seems to attempt to overcome the practical shortcomings of the conventional rupture, mentioned here in particular.

Let's wait and see what this project will give …

Update: it seems indeed, as noted by one of the commentators that this provision was abandoned at present. See here for more details.